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Following up on the success of "Take Me Down" featured in YellowJackets Season 2 Episode 3, I had to do some digging. Not only in backups of tapes and hard drives... but digging up the dirt from the past that I left behind. Some of these new releases are sometimes hard to relive in ways but also very therapeutic as well. Thanks to the ever so amazing Mark Smith and his memory (of which I have none... and his back ups of back ups) I was able to pull out forgotten gems and remix and master and get them out there. Some are Sonica Disturbia tunes (aka KOiL at the time) and some are Carbon favorites. These are the ones that felt a bit too much of the SD influence  and became heavier than most of the Carbon catalog of quirky Americana. To that end Window Watcher the first summer release has become a monster that it always wanted to be. The released version has most of the original tracks restored from 2002 and a twist of the SD Tunes Inc spice on top to bring it to a new life under the Sonica Disturbia moniker.

The second release for the summer of 2024 "Wandering Eyes" is a complete restore and remix. All of the files used including the vocal performance was used as although I tried, there was something in the performance that could not be replicated. There is definitely something to be said about "capture the moment". I was at a very different place when I wrote and recorded these songs and I feel the performance of the tracks oozes of that special something that grabs the emotion of the song. 

The final release for 2024 will be on my birthday Aug 5. And it's a long time coming to see the light of day. This one was written and recorded somewhere in the early 2000's. Almost all the tracks are the original tracks from the back ups. This one had a few corrupted files and some backups had to be added in but the lead vocal again had the "Je ne said quois" that made me keep the original as it lends itself to the essence and emotion of the song just like "Wandering Eyes."


Available July 1st

Wandering Eyes smaller.jpg

Available June 1st

Window Watcher 2.jpg
Sonica Disturbia
Born from the ashes of disaster personally and professionally, Sonica Disturbia is the result of years of learning and growing with each triumph and defeat. 
This hard edged driving music is written, performed, recorded and produced by multi instrumentalist Pete Boshart under the banner Sonica Disturbia. "I  have a passion for creating music and felt the need to get some of these songs out of my head!" His music is full of energy and will leave you wanting more. From driving rhythm and hard guitar riffs to heart wrenching sorrow it's sure to capture your emotions. Click and share the experience the intensity of Sonica Disturbia!
Intense, Epic, and Memorable Music for Your Media
Parallel Lines


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Sonica Disturbia has been used in productions for the following film / TV / movie trailer or BluRay / DVD trailers
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This retro Sonica Disturbia track is featured in the upcoming Season 2 Episode 3 of Yellowjackets.

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