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Page 2 combines lyrical acoustic songs with subtle performances.  Pulling from their original back catalogue of material, Page 2 has transformed their alternative and pop rock repertoire into an acoustic showcase of song-writing that better matches the new face of this band.

The history of Page 2 starts with a piano and a guitar.  Two instruments brought together by chance, developed into a blend of different styles, and fueled by a love of harmonies.  A band was started, featuring a retro-grunge sound coupled with melodic pianos and heavy guitar hooks. Gigs were gigged, roads were traveled, songs were written. The challenge of any band, of course, is defining a marketable and recognizable sound - after struggling within the confines of the necessity for narrowness, the band eventually retreated into silence and studio.

A few years passed.  Piano and guitar still wrote plenty of songs, free to write and record for themselves.  Eventually, older songs crept into their studio sessions, as familiarity mingled with creativity.  A new project slowly took shape, drawing on a more intimate delivery, a stripped-down presentation of songs at their most vulnerable and most essential.

Page 2 continues to write and record and perform around Ontario.  Their music continues to evolve, but please enjoy their first official EP: The Acoustic Sessions.

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