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"Capture the moment"

The recording world has changed.


Artists don't need million-dollar rooms and unattainable gear to get their sound anymore.  Artists don't need to travel to exotic locations and break their budget just arriving and living in a physical location.  Artists don't need to record whole albums and strive for perfection in 10 - 15 synchronous tracks.

The recording world hasn't changed.

Artists need someone who can listen, engage and focus what is great about their music and take it to the next level. Artists still need someone who knows how to use new technologies to marry the best sound with the musical vision. Artists still need to find that special hook, that undeniable transcendent moment, that makes their music timeless and unforgettable.

Sonica Distrubia Studios has a motto: "Capture the moment."  We believe that the best musical moments aren't made - they are experienced.  And, in those most remarkable of cases, captured forever digitally.  It's not about perfection - it's about capturing what makes the artist unique, what makes the artist perform, and what makes the artist persevere.

Let us help you capture the moment that defines your project and your vision.

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You know exactly what you want and need someone to help you get it.

Straight-forward studio recording sessions are available with custom rates for blocks of studio time. Whether it's one song or a whole album, Sonica Disturbia Studios has engineers with decades of experience, a vast knowledge base of techniques and strategies, and access to high quality gear.

In addition to engineers, Sonica Disturbia Studios can provide experienced and dynamic studio musicians to help flesh-out your musical vision.

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Studio - Recording

You have your tracks recorded and you need someone to help you make the project shine.

For artists with their tracks already recorded, Sonica Disturbia Studios can mix and polish your songs with attention to detail that brings the sparkle out of every project.  Using tricks and strategies from experienced engineers, we get your material ready for mastering with input from the artist at every step of the process. Bring your tracks to our studio, or upload them to our server for remote mixing sessions.  Remixing options also available.

New to Sonica Disturbia?  Your first mix is always free (as part of a mixing session of 3 or more songs), just to prove the partnership is a good fit.

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Studio - Mixing

You have your mixed songs and you need someone to get them radio-ready.


Mastering is where the magic happens, and Sonica Disturbia takes no shortcuts in the mastering process.  In concert with the artist, we add punch, clarity, and shine to final mixes to balance the overall product against industry standards.  ISRC creation and embedding is included in all mastering sessions.  As with mixing, mastering sessions can occur in-house at our studio or virtually via our secure server.


New to Sonica Disturbia?  Your first mastered song is always free (as part of a mastering session of 3 or more songs), just to ensure the results meet your satisfaction.

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Studio - Mastering

You have songs written and you need someone to help you figure out what they will become.

Sonica Disturbia Studios specializes in helping artists find and develop their sound. Full instrumentation production for singer song writers, with pre-production sessions available. Whether it's a full-band sound, orchestration, beats, or hooks, Sonica Disturbia will guide your music from where it is to where it wants to go.

With artists we've produced going on to win contests, have songs placed in television and film, and tour the country, Sonica Disturiba Studios takes special pride in developing young artists, shaping their sound, and honouring their vision.

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Studio - Production

You have a film in the can, and now you have some audio needs!

Sonica Distrubia Studios has extensive experience in creating musical landscapes for videos and films.  Custom music sores, foley and ADR are all available, and our staff of writers and performers can have your project sounding polished on time and on budget.  Dolby 5.1 is our standard, giving your film auditory depth and texture.

Not a whole film, but just a song or two?  We have an extensive library of tracks available for sync licensing, with co-publishers covering North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.  The library of tracks and cues can be searched by lyrics or tone, genre or length.

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Studio - Sound for Film
Studio - Studio Design
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