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How Loud does it go?

Never the one to shy away from it, Diesel Dirt digs deep into the roots of Country and Southern Rock, with a twist of  what's next.


"Stomp your feet, dance till dawn, bang your head, everyone's welcome here!"

The illegitimate child of Durham County Band founder Pete Wheeler, Diesel Dirt is an outlet for songs that are just are too damn good to ignore that don't fit the DCB Vibe. 


"I have so many musical influences in my life, too many to mention. The tap just keeps running, sometimes hot sometimes cold, but a great song is a great song. Most times you can feel it right away. DD is definitely higher energy, more about that new New Country sound with the influences of rock and R&B.

It's also the softer side of things the deep down feelings and emotions that touch us all. The B sides that mainstream radio will ignore but are the real fan favorites.  It's what happens when you lock me up in the studio for a couple months with nothing but time on my hands. Well just me and my girls, Godin, Fender, Gibson, Ludwig and Gretsch...HA!



It is recommended to use the cruise control while driving and listening to Diesel Dirt to avoid speeding fines.

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