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What a year!

Here's to a year of growth!

Three radio singles for Durham County Band and one for James Downham! DCB's Don't turn Away hits #17 on the 2019 top 40 chart for Country 103! We moved to a new location and the new studio build is coming along nicely and met a lot of new friends and built some amazing relationships.

2019 was so awesome I just didn't want to say goodbye, yet 2020 promises so much I can hardly wait! Here in this moment of refection and anticipation I become mindful of being right here right and now and with a smile I type this to share and look back in in the years to come.

Success can be measured so many ways and each person would be better off to use a ruler that fits their needs than the needs of others. Money, fame, adoration and accolades can be intoxicating but success should be more about happiness than the falseness and short term high any of these things can provide.

Love each other and find what you love to do, do it well and find a way to earn a living doing it.

I wake up everyday feeling lucky to chat with fans that become friends, friends that become fans and pick up a guitar and write songs that connect with others.


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