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Christmas is coming and so is "SNOW" by Page 2

Page 2 is at it again with an original seasonal "soon to be classic" Christmas song, released to radio across the country!

The guys in the band commented, "We've had this song around for the last few Christmas seasons and just never got it out there. We had it on the radar, and when Scott came in and added that fiddle, the final piece slipped into place!"

Mr. Scott Woods,, Canadian Grand Master Fiddling Champion, stopped into the studio to lay a few tracks for Durham County Band's upcoming releases. After he was finished with the DCB tracks, he took a crack at "Snow."

"It was totally on the back burner," Pete recalled. "But Scott was such an amazing talent - he finished up the tracks we needed, so we threw something new at him. He just added that special icing on the cake that brought the song to new heights."

In the spirit of Christmas, Page 2 is so pleased to share the resulting song with you.

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