• Sonica Disturbia

A New Chapter!

We crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s and we‘re rounding the corner to a new studio build and a new home! There's many mixed emotions.

Leaving a house or apartment is fine for most people but to leave your home and a creative space that has spawned so many stories set to music it‘s just a different thing.

We’re talking so many songs I forget. Ask Kip, he has a memory like a steel trap And can pull out the chords and lyrics of tunes from years ago at the drop of a hat. We’re talking 2 or was it 3 musicals Kip wrote and we recorded here? Memories of recording cello for Scripted on the back deck into the wee hours or cleaning out a space in the garage for Mac’s drum kit. Mic cables up the stairs and the smell of corn on the cob coming from the BBQ with the frogs singing their own special tune!

Its the place the where the kids grew up to go on to become fine outstanding human beings. Everyday was an outdoors adventure catching turtles and finding out the hard way they stink like something else. Or trying to cool off in the pond only to find the bottom was mostly muck and goose poop!

Ahhhh the good old days, and to new beginnings!

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